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What is Drug Court?

Drug Court is a positive, innovative, and cost-effective approach to dealing with individuals who have a substance abuse addiction that are involved with the court system. This program targets the addict, not the pusher. The program is an outpatient, three-phase approach to substance abuse treatment which lasts approximately one year in length. It targets adult and juvenile offenders and adults involved in dependency issues. Drug Courts are different from traditional courts because they operate by a team approach, focusing on providing social services, closely monitoring the progress of each defendant in treatment, and administering graduated sanctions as an alternative to additional criminal charges. The Drug Court team consists of: judge, assistant state attorney, assistant public defender, probation officers, protective services investigator, treatment liaison, drug court manager, and law enforcement. The team focuses on defendants’ problem behaviors in need of change and makes available to them every opportunity to modify these behaviors and become noncriminal members of society.

Bay County: Linda Burd (850) 873-7095

Jackson County: Amber Baggett (850) 482-9844

Bay County Adult Drug Court

Jackson County Drug Court

Bay County Juvenile Drug Court

National Association of Drug Court Professionals


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