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Our Circuit currently has seven Official Court Reporters who are responsible for ensuring a record made in all proceedings as required by law at public expense.  Six of the Official Court Reporters are located in Bay County, one is located in Calhoun County and they travel within the Circuit, as necessary.  Some proceedings are reported by a live court reporter and some proceedings are recorded by different means.

For proceedings that are not required by law to be recorded at public expense there are private court reporters available throughout the circuit for hire. Click Here For A List of Private Court Reporters.

The Official Court Reporters may also produce written transcripts.  A transcript is not produced in all proceedings.  A transcript is produced when (1) ordered by a judge, or (2) upon written request by an attorney, or (3) upon written request by any interested party and when financial arrangements have been made for payment of the transcript.  Written request forms are available on this web site.

As outlined in Administrative Order #2014-00-05 transcript fees are set as follows:  Original and one copy, $5.00 per page; additional copy is $1.00 per page.  An indigent defendant in a criminal case may request a transcript be provided at state expense but the court reporter can only produce a transcript at state expense when ordered to do so by a judge.

Some proceedings are recorded by a central digital recording system (CourtSmart).  A “copy” of a CD is available upon written request.  Written request forms are available on this web site.  As outlined in Administrative Order #2014-00-05 the price for a CD is $15.00.

Any request for a transcript or a media copy should be made to:
Susan Diltz, Official Court Reporter 850-747-5336
or Niki Jones, Official Court Reporter 850-747-5332



Digital CD Request Form

Private Party Transcript Request Form

SA - PD Transcript Request Form

Conflict Counsel Transcript Request Form






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