Dependency Mediation

What happens in a Dependency Mediation?

On the day of the mediation session, all parties will meet at a scheduled location with the mediator. The mediator will begin by explaining the mediation process and then allow each party the opportunity to explain their view of the issues in dispute.

The mediator will help the parties discuss the issues in an effort to reach an agreement that is acceptable to all parties. The mediator may meet with individual parties or with the whole group to discuss these issues. If a total or partial agreement is reached, the mediator will prepare a written agreement for the parties to sign. The case is then scheduled for review and approval of the agreement by the Judge. If the case was mediated without attorneys, the attorneys will have an opportunity to review the agreement before it is submitted to the court for approval.

Only the parties involved in the dispute have the power to reach an agreement – no one can force them. If an agreement cannot be reached, the matter will be referred back to the judge who will determine the outcome of the case based on the law.

Our Dependency Mediators:


  • Janet Harns, Contract Mediator
  • Elizabeth Messer, Contract Mediator
  • Lynn Wimberly, Staff Mediator
  • Sonja Nickson, Staff Mediator
  • Amanda Tarr, Staff Mediator